We provide the most advanced NATURAL hair treatments, that have proven positive results in minimising hair loss, promoting hair growth and enhancing scalp and hair health.


iPRF ( injectable Platelets Rich Fibrin) is a perfect choice for hair loss and hair thinning. It uses client’s own blood to be extracted without any additives and re-injected back into client’s problematic areas to stimulate hair growth and enhance scalp health and nourishment.


iPRF (Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin): is the 2nd generation of PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma). This treatment can be referred to as an ADVANCED PLASMA TREATMENT, and in fact it gives almost 3x the effect of the normal PRP.
iPRF can be used in conjunction with Mesopen or CarboxyTherapy for better results.

i-PRF is an all natural autologous treatment that stimulates hair growth where hair follicles are present but inactive.
Fibrin functions as a matrix that traps the platelets and controls their release of growth factors “very slowly and continuously over 7-10 days. That is very important for tissue receptors to respond over a prolonged period of time following treatment
For patients with significant hair loss, then a combined approach is often recommended, i-PRF works well for both men and women, especially those in the early stages of hair loss.

CarboxyTherapy (COXY)

One of the most popular and exciting treatment in Europe and America today….. It offers amazing possibilities for hair restoration and skin conditions that were historically challenging to treat.

In our clinic we use the latest generation in carbon dioxide therapy utilising patent technology offering intelligent interface for the micro-injection of CO2, administered either subcutaneous or intradermal. carboxytherapy system kick-starts the body’s own healing processes and increases oxygen supply to tissue. This results in new cell growth and improved circulation. Some skin conditions respond quickly to carboxytherapy, several treatments may be required.
Carboxytherapy is a very safe and effective treatment also is known as a ‘green’ treatment due to it’s regenerative properties with an excellent safety profile.
It is an innovative treatment used for a wide range of conditions, including hair loss. As it help in regrowing hair and increasing hair density through enhancement of oxygenation and nutrients.
Carboxytherapy involves the injection of medical grade CO2 under the scalp skin to stimulate increased blood flow and hair growth.
Furthermore, it can be used either as a stand-alone treatment, or in conjunction with other adjunctive therapies such as iPRF and micro-needling.


Advanced Microneedling (Mesotherapy)

Micro-needling is a safe and promising procedure for hair stimulation and useful solution to treat hair loss.

Micro-needling creates tiny channels on the scalp, help to stimulate dermal papilla and stem cells in hair follicles, to encourage growth factors. By creating micro wounds, the body’s natural defences will encourage the healing process and ultimately stimulate new hair growth to help reverse hair loss.
In our clinic we use advanced Micro-needling techniques performed using a medical grade, high speed, electric skin needling pen designed specifically for mesotherapy.

Micro-needling is clinically proven to help with alopecia areata (AA) and androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

Micro-needling can be used in conjunction with iPRF for ultimate results.