We provide ONE HOUR comprehensive Trichology consultations in Clinic, Online ( Virtually), or by Phone.

WHY Choose a Trichologist?!

Trichology is a branch of medical and cosmetic practice concerned with the hair and scalp.
Trichologists are experts on hair and scalp health and conditions. They deal with all aspects of hair and scalp, from providing personalized advise on hair maintenance and care, to performing expert diagnosis and treatments of serious hair and scalp disorders including alopecia and baldness.

At SESE clinic we provide ONE HOUR comprehensive consultation at your convenience you can choose to attend the clinic or to have your consultation virtually through video or telephone call wherever you are.

Our consultation will include Trichoscopic analysis to scalp and hair for accurate diagnosis and also will go through your medical history, life style and nutrition to assess the factors contributing to your scalp or hair health issues.

After completing your consultation you will be well educated about your condition and healthy hair care routines and also provided with a personalized treatment plan.