Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

HTMA is a screening test that measures the mineral content of your hair, which reflects your mineral level in your body and detects for any deficiency, toxicity or excess. However, HTMA is much more than a test for minerals!!!

Why not just test the blood or urine?

As blood is homeostatic, it will always strive to stay in balance, even at the cost of other tissue/cellular concentrations, and it can fluctuate from hour to hour. The fact that most minerals are intracellular, means they are not always found in the blood, therefore, blood tests are not a reliable way of determining mineral status.

What is good about HTMA ?

By performing HTMA you can find out the common causes of mineral intolerance. when your doctor does not know the reason for your illness, HTMA can uncover the indicators that lead to diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Even if you’re not sick, HTMA will help you to detect and monitor your body’s functions at a cellular levels for optimum health. So you will gain control of your health and have all the information needed to make tweaks to your diet or get recommended supplements to prevent potential health problems.

At SESE clinic we provide HTMA service, you will be provided with detailed instructions of getting your hair sample for accurate results. You can choose to provide your hair sample at clinic or ask for the kit to be delivered to your address.
You will then get your result in 10-14 days with a detailed and comprehensive mineral report along with a nutritional recommendations and personalised hair care advice.