Who Are We

SESE Clinic is part of **SESE TRICHOLOGY Ltd Company**, we are cosmetic clinic specialized on hair restoration and services, using minimally invasive and most recent advanced NATURAL techniques, procedures and products to help you enjoy your beautiful healthy hair.

Founder :

Fatima Muhmoud

Is a Pharmacist, aesthetician and passionate Trichologist with a Master degree in Industrial Pharmaceutical Science.

Although her specialty is all about chemicals and pharmaceuticals, she always finds herself fascinated by discovering the power of NATURE and NATURAL elements on healing and enhancing our health and beauty.

During the intense of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fatima had experienced a very distressing scalp problem and her hair health declined drastically, which affected her self esteem and confidence. Finding her self in this situation she invested her time on getting deeper knowledge on hair health and finds her self in LOVE WITH TRICHOLOGY.
But what made her truly amazed of Trichology is that how closely related hair health with our general health and how can hair tells you a lot about your health, habits and much more.

Equipped herself with a good level of knowledge she also added to her skills a diploma in Organic Haircare Formulations, then she started to formulate her own hair care products… and guess what?! Fatima managed to treat her scalp condition and her hair health became even better than before.

Fatima then takes the step on shifting her career and became specialised on Trichology and had established her SESE Trichology Ltd company and opened her first health and well-being clinic (SESE CLINIC). Also dedicated her social media profiles on educating people about the importance of hair and scalp health and help them understand their problems for effective solutions.

Fatima also commits on donating some of the company’s profit to Cancer patients specifically children. As she understand the state of mental health and traumatic effect influenced by hair loss during their treatment journey, Hoping to alleviate some of their psychological distress.